October 4, 2023
Women Empowerment

Balancing Motherhood and Career

We need the information to understand that condition, therefore even though it may not be a topic that interests you everyone, I wanted to write about what it’s like for women to go through early pregnancy. It can be challenging when a woman had a miscarriage while still married and finds herself trapped in the same pattern.

Being pregnant presents its own set of difficulties, especially if you don’t want to raise your child while working a part-time job and taking care of yourself. Being a parent involves a lot of responsibilities, like getting up early to take out the trash. Alternatively, you might need to eat breakfast at seven in the morning, take a brief shower, and then return to work. The list is endless. You are currently trying to transition from a full-time job to raising a child. But no matter how hard you try, life comes up with you eventually. You feel more anxious, worn out, and drained than normal. Depression can also show up from time to time. The cloud that comes with parenthood can be seen through, though. You have no longer any control over your body and are powerless to alter it in any way.

You know that your body no longer wants to live this way, even if you don’t fully grasp what is going on inside of it. Your body thus decides to rebel and start experiencing pleasure in ways that are improper, damaging, and against your will. What then happens after one has a child to raise? Where do they find meaning in this absolutely confusing world? When faced with these questions, most people can’t help but feel that they are out of their depth or that there could be a problem with them. No matter how much one wants to believe in themselves and push past those worries, there is always a shadow side that makes people question their abilities because what is written down does not always match reality. For instance, when you were compelled to wed at the age of 19, your parents did not approve of the union. You simply got married as a result of that. 

Now, let’s look at another scenario. After graduation, you decided to apply for a job, but you did not find one that matched your skillset. As the days go by, you are still stuck with this feeling. Eventually, you finally applied for a position as an assistant director in customer service, which does not require any formal education or training. This job seemed safe and comfortable. However, the stress you felt, and the feeling of insecurity came along with your new role as an assistant director. A day or two later, you noticed that someone else had started doing the same things; for instance, she would often forget her tasks to finish them later, and this made her very unhappy.

In addition, you also noticed that her supervisor would constantly tell you to check her emails. Despite knowing it was your turn, you would find excuses like “I am busy” or “I must complete my task.” Even after explaining why you have not completed that task, she would still ask you to go ahead and continue checking her email. This became unbearable for you, and you filed a complaint about discrimination against your supervisor. All of a sudden, she started calling your office every evening to complain about the lack of communication between her and you. With this scenario in mind, many people may say, “Oh no! “She has been complaining about me for months.” People tend to assume that she has not yet figured it out or, worse, that she loves her boss so much that she would never do this. However, she just doesn’t care enough.

Parents who successfully manage and deal with their children with patience and love can survive tough situations when they are unable to. Although working mothers are less stressed than working fathers, it is important to remember that one cannot succeed in both jobs simultaneously because each requires a different set of skills. While doing your current job, you can use the experience you have accumulated in the past to help your next child grow in the best possible way. Don’t be afraid to put the “work” aside. It is not unusual for fathers to quit their jobs to spend more time with their babies. Therefore, take the necessary amount of time off work to attend to your needs and support your child as best as possible.

Most importantly, nurture a healthy relationship with your partner. Having supportive partners who make sacrifices for you makes your road toward parenthood easier. Of course, it’s difficult for men to accept sacrifice sometimes. Still, once you gain confidence in caring for another human being, it becomes much simpler. There is a saying: “It will happen anyway.” If it happens to you, learn to accept it gracefully. Remember that there will always be bad days too, but when good ones come through, there is no turning back now. Trust yourself and take advantage of every blessing that comes your way. Just remember that nobody gets everything, because we all make mistakes and deal with failures in our lives daily, and that’s okay. Believe me. Never stop believing that there is strength and hope in all of humanity and that if you give your best and focus on the positive aspects of your life, then it will pay off later. Stay hopeful, fight through, and do better.

By Mehreen Bano

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