October 4, 2023
Women Empowerment

Being a homemaker isn’t Easy!

Being a homemaker may be a 24/7 job, and it times we tend to appreciate their efforts and convey them. 
The hardest job there is being a homemaker. It is, indeed. Although it might seem easy, it’s not. Anywhere a woman is employed, she is unable to resign because of her employment. It is a job that has no holidays and, as a result, no “sick leave.” Most importantly, it’s work that doesn’t come with money, raises, or incentives—work that goes nowhere with a solution. Once you start working, you never stop! Yes. You don’t see our wives, sisters, and moms, do you? Do they ever pause to manage chores by taking a chance in the room? You are expected to understand every area as a homemaker, not just one. When preparing meals, the complete family’s tastes and dislikes must be taken into account; for instance, one person may appreciate spicy food while the other cannot stand it. You must prepare food in accordance with everyone else’s preferences.
Yes. Don’t you see our mothers, sisters, and wives? Do they ever pause and take a chance from the room, and thus manage chores? Being a homemaker, you’re not expected to figure out one sector, but all the sectors. You must prepare food and consider the preferences and dislikes of the entire family; for example, one person enjoys spicy foods while the other cannot stand them. So, you’re to cook food as per everybody else’s desires. However, standing in front of the heat all the time and cooking different things isn’t easy either. Also, during this job, there’ll be no appreciation or motivation. “You may be obtaining incentives and bonuses too.”

Nah. But the sole motivation is the happiness and smile of the family. That satisfaction, along with a few words of appreciation from time to time, is a bonus.
However, the homemaker can serve you as effectively as she can with no complaints, every day, on time. Then comes improvement. What if you get across someday and discover litter everywhere—from spider webs on the wall to a stinking can or loo—? What would your reaction be? However, wait; you won’t face something like this. Thanks to our moms, sisters, and wives! Yes, yes, I do know that folks will rent a maid to try to handle all this, and folks do have a maid. But the women of our home are those to watch out for—the maids who do the work and keep the house clean. The women of our house enhance our house and clean it frequently, which is how they make it a “HOME TO LIVE.”
Being a homemaker is an all-day job, not a nine-to-five job.
Just like someone performing at a specific job faces challenges and gets pressured, The gas may need to be refilled in the middle of all the cooking, the food may pass while there is guest reception, and you may hear complaints about the food even if you are doing your best or attempting a replacement dish that fails miserably. It’s not that simple. And it’s all for the love, care, and health of the family, this hustle, this pain.

Being a homemaker isn’t simple.
So, did you ever thank your mommy, sister, or married woman for all that she does for you? What are you waiting for? Go and thank them. Appreciate them for all that they are doing, which goes unnoticed.

By Mehreen Bano

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