November 26, 2022

Being a homemaker isn’t Easy!

Being a homemaker may be a 24/7 job, and it times we tend to appreciate their efforts and convey them. 
You know what’s the foremost underrated job? The duty of a homemaker. Initial of all, being a homemaker isn’t even thought-about employment, however a responsibility of each lady out there. It appears quite simple because it is meant to entail no traveling, no hardwork, no deadlines, no pressure, no boss, no politics concerned. Not really. 
Being a homemaker, is that the toughest job ever. Yes, it is. it’d look simple, however it’s not. Its employment wherever once a woman is employed, she cannot resign. Its employment wherever there aren’t any holidays and not as such ‘sick leave’. And most of all, its employment with no pay, increments and incentives – employment wherever there’s no resolution. Once you’re employed, you’re employed for life!  
Yes. Don’t you see our mothers, sisters and wives? Do they ever stop and take a chance from the room and therefore they manage chores? Did you ever hear them expressing,” No food nowadays? I’m on leave.” No, right? Yes, it’s that robust. Being a homemaker, you’re not expected to figure underneath one sector, however all the sectors. You have got to cook food take care of the likes and dislikes of the total family-somebody likes spicy whereas the opposite one cannot stand spices.  So, you’re to cook food as per everybody else’s desires and desires. 

However, standing ahead of warmth all the time and cooking various things isn’t simple likewise. Also, during this job, there’ll be no appreciation and motivation, and nobody would say, “Wow congratulations on cracking the deal. You may be obtaining incentives and bonus too”. 
Nah. But, the sole motivation is, the happiness and smile of the family. That satisfaction and few words of appreciation that too “sometimes”, is that the bonus. 
But still, while not complaints, every day, while not fail, on time, the homemaker can serve you the most effective she will. Then comes improvement. What if someday you get across and realize litter each where-spider webs on the wall and a stinking can or loo? What would be your reaction? However, wait, you won’t face something like this. Thanks to our moms, sisters and wives. Yes, yes, I do know that folks will rent a maid to try to all this and folks do have a maid. But the women of our home are those to watch out of the maids who do the work and keep the house clean. The women of our house, enhance our house, clean it frequently which is however they create it a “HOME TO LIVE”. 
Being a homemaker isn’t a nine to five job however, all day job.  

Just like someone performing at a specific job faces challenges and gets pressurized. The gas may would like a refill within the middle of all the cookery, the food may pass though whereas there is guests’ reception, hearing complaints regarding the food even when trying the most effective at it or trying out a replacement dish that becomes a significant failure. It’s not that simple. And everyone, this hustle, all this pain, just for of the love, care and health of the family. 

Being a homemaker isn’t simple. 
So, did you ever convey your mommy or sister or married woman for all that she does for you? What you’re waiting for? Go, thank them. Appreciate them for all that they are doing which fits unobserved. 

By Mehreen Bano

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