June 6, 2023
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Ideas for Physical Self-care

Here at a personal level, I will try to incorporate some of the things that I’ve learned into my everyday routine if possible.

First and foremost is a warm bath before you start getting ready in the morning so that your body can fully relax and get rid of toxins. If I have any morning routines or exercises that I need to work on, they are done off-site and only once a week. If possible during this time I would like to take it slow so as not to strain my muscles too much.

The second thing is eating your greens so you can keep up with your calcium intake and stay balanced and strong. My favorite way to eat is by making sure I eat two big meals in one meal and then eat lunch that same day. Doing these things will allow me to be more active than usual and also ensure that I always have an easy source of food when needed. These tips for physical self-care will most definitely make the difference between life and death in many cases.

I hope these ideas help you to understand what a healthy lifestyle looks a lot like. You might have any other questions about self-care and physical health and how we can better promote mental and emotional wellness. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a therapist and seek professional assistance.

Let’s discuss three major aspects of self-care:

  1. Healthy habits

What is a good and healthy diet? When asked this question I usually answer by saying that for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, having food that is low in calories should be at least 50 percent of their daily value. This can be difficult since it’s hard for people to give up food altogether but the best option is to find healthier options so that you can eat without restriction. A few suggestions include avoiding fast food chains or pizza and instead going for salad or sandwiches. There are plenty of other healthier choices that people can make but these are usually high-calorie foods that will fill your belly more and don’t offer much else besides this. Eating certain types of fruits and vegetables, eating whole grains and other fiber-rich alternatives is vital to our overall health. As well as focusing on consuming healthy fats and protein sources. By incorporating healthier habits you can increase your energy levels and decrease your risk of chronic diseases. Keeping good habits is key to feeling good physically and on top of that, it helps us feel great mentally and emotionally.

2. Physical activity

The concept of physical exercise is something I find to be very appealing because it’s completely manageable. It does not require anyone to sit down and get up at the moment they want to. Rather it requires them to move around different parts of the room or outside while you are doing it. Getting fit can be very rewarding physically and mentally! One of the benefits of being active is that you will be able to burn up to twenty-five extra calories a day since the more you move the fewer calories needed for your body. Also, exercising regularly will boost your memory as well. Exercise is another great way for individuals to release endorphins which help you feel more upbeat and energized even after working extremely long hours in stressful situations. Another benefit is that it has been shown to significantly reduce the chances of heart disease and obesity. 

Physical activities also promote relaxation which is essential for stress management, stress relief, and even sleep. Exercising regularly releases dopamine which makes it fun! Not to mention that regular exercise allows your mind to become more creative and increases motivation to work harder. What about stretching? Stretching is yet another form of exercise that can benefit your physical appearance which is why it’s often recommended. Finally, exercise is a fantastic way to get exercise in and can be helpful for those with osteoporosis or joint pain. Although don’t overlook rest and recovery as well when it comes to physical exercise since restorative activities such as yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates will help re-energize your body.

    3. Sleep

    My last tip is to make sure that you sleep well at night. Many times what happens is that people who don’t prioritize sleep end up becoming irritable and depressed. The worst part is that sometimes we get so used to bad sleep habits that we forget that we are putting ourselves at risk to develop anxiety disorders and depression. Therefore, learning to make a plan for yourself on how to properly fall asleep and wake up in the mornings will be beneficial in the future. This includes finding ways to manage stress so that it doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep. Some of the steps I would recommend taking include starting your day with meditation first and following it up with bedtime relaxation techniques. Once again, incorporating more sleep will greatly benefit your physical appearance and make you look younger.

    By Mehreen Bano

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