June 6, 2023
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Trends of Christmas Markets in UK

The most cost-effective and expensive Christmas markets are Winter Wonderland, in Edinburgh and Sheffield, among others.

One can’t help but adore a Christmas market. Nothing compares to the ultimate holiday joy of bundling up and entering a city centre decorated with fairy lights and shimmering ornaments! My evaluations will show you the greatest locations to go for every budget, whether you just need a little inspiration for what to do this year or want some suggestions for where to discover amazing prices.

Every market in Britain has something unique to offer, including food stalls, craft workshops, handcrafted bags, and much more. What I’ll be talking about in each of these posts is as follows:

  1. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, as one

Wonderland of Winter

In what location? Nottingham, Nottinghamshire’s Cathedral Street Shopping Centre

2020 Christmas Market Given that it often reaches its height during the first weekend in December, this was undoubtedly one of the most well-liked attractions during Covid. There are still plenty of things to do because “The Queen’s Market,” which has taken its place, is still open but gets fewer visitors. A few of the booths at WCM are chocolate shops and ice cream parlours, while other vendors sell anything from artisanal jewellery to fresh fruit and vegetable boxes. You should be aware that costs in Nottingham frequently change throughout the day. It is suggested to use an adult discount code and purchase tickets online.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Snowman Festival in Scotland

In what location? Glasgow, Scotland’s Old Queensberry Hill shopping centre

2021 Christmas Market

Glasgow is well-known for its great festival scene, which attracted more than 40 million tourists in 2019. Visit one of the following locations if you’d rather to witness the breath-taking street performance somewhere else:

3. The third is Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Olde English Song

In what location? Shopping Center at Tower Bridge

Market for Christmas and Auld Lang Syne

There are several local history stores in this area, many of which sell fascinating regional specialties such lovely books and paintings. As always, while choose which stall to visit, we advise ordering online.

4. East Yorkshire’s Hull

The local store

In what location? Shops at Station Quay in Hull, East Yorkshire

2022 Christmas Market

If you have kids of any age, Hull has a lot to offer. Santa and his reindeer can be spotted throughout the market. In addition to being able to buy gifts, being at home will allow you to spend time with friends and family. See our list of the best Christmas markets in North Yorkshire for more information.

5. Leicester, Leicestershire

London Garden Walk

In what location? Leicestershire’s Exhibition Road Shopping Center

2022 Christmas Market

Leicester hosts a tonne of entertaining outdoor activities, one of which is named “Leicester Garden Walk.” This includes free activities for families, live music, dance workshops, magic shows, comedy clubs, and locals and visitors alike. Decide on one of the fantastic settings available to take advantage of this event whether you’re enjoying Christmas alone or with loved ones.

6. South Yorkshire’s Sheffield

Woodland Mall in Woodside Park

In what location? Shops at Woodside Park

2022 Christmas Market

Another sizable outdoor retail centre offers a wide range of inside activities like contests, rides, slides, and swings with animal themes, as well as eateries, bars, and pubs. Don’t forget to look at our list of Yorkshire’s top five shopping centres.

7. Birmingham, England

2017 Christmas Market

In what location? Shopping Center Kings Cross, Sutton Coldfield

2018 Christmas Market

When visiting the Big Top, it’s difficult to overlook, especially since new additions have been made every year since the venue opened. Drinks can be enjoyed at The Belles Inn during the summer while you get ready for the evening. Alternatively, keep breakfast in mind because the park is surrounded by wonderful coffee shops. The station is close to our next stop: Baltimore City Hall

8. Cardiff, Wales

Swansea Castle has a Christmas tree.

In what location? Cardiff, Wales’ Swansea Castle Square Shopping Center

2018 Christmas Market

Wales is home to many amazing events and festivals, but the Cardiff Festivals (CFF), which draws millions of visitors, may be the biggest. There are several food stalls available, so make sure to stock up before the CFF begins! However, leave yourself time to tour Cardiff Castle and catch up on the activity at other local attractions like The Museum of Welsh Culture before making arrangements for the evening. Swansea Castle Square, which is excellent for exploring the city centre, is our next stop. It is a sizable outdoor shopping centre.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland.

2012 Christmas Market

In what location? Shopping mall in Dundarmer Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

2013 Christmas Market

2014 Christmas Market

This is a must-see in Edinburgh if you’re looking for delectable fare and amazing gifts. Try some hot pies at Kibbles to excite your palate (opens from 11am – 3pm). Don’t forget to sample delicious cuisine from all throughout Scotland! You should invest your money here because there are many gift boxes you can fill with unique gifts. You can also shop at Fortnum & Mason, M&S, Sainsbury’s, and Marks & Sparks supermarkets.

10. Northern Ireland’s Newcastle upon Tyne.

2015 Christmas Market

In what location? Northern Ireland’s Newcastle Upon Tyne’s St. Stephen’s Church Square

2016 Christmas Market

Newcastle is once more brimming with amazing events all year long. It’s safe to say that thousands of visitors visit the city every year for festivities and shopping, from Hogmanay through New Year’s Eve. Look around the major commercial areas along Strand Road for these recognisable buildings, including York Minster, Victoria Hall, and Hotel de France. Newcastle Airport offers a variety of fascinating packages to help travellers decide what to do and see if they decide to venture outdoors. Additionally, once inside, Newcastle has a thriving nightlife; visit Lyle Square.

However, Christmas markets are not only seen in British cities. A variety of smaller, independent markets can also be found in London, including Kensington TownHall and West End Market, which are both situated in Borough Market.

I hope you have a happy holiday season!

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